Company Introduction

Sung IL Co. Ltd. has been one of the highly specialized as a chief GRP Water Tank Manufacturers and GRP Door Manufacturers from South Korea. We have made a prominent place in the field of development and production of GRP products that are providing relevant services in the house and building construction.

SUNG IL has been a great company looking to provide great quality products to use them in their home structure. These entire products are providing relevant services in their respective environment and expectations. We have been manufacturing wide range of building construction products including GRP water tank, GRP door, GRP grain door, toilet cubicle, prefabricated bath, glassfiber reinforcement plastic, GRP bathtub, ceiling panels, modular houses etc.

Our product development and management team has created foundation of trust towards our customers and are contributing our efforts in designing technological innovative products. We have always favored the requirements of our customers and have given priorities to produce highly strict quality products fulfilling the needs of environmental protection. We have been successful to get ISO product quality award; ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification on valuing and producing our highly quality production. It has also improved our services to our domestic and worldwide clients.