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GRP Enclosures Are Mostly Perfec...

Intertec declares that any GRP format and enclosure are quite ideal for anti corrosion.

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Furniture & Interior - The I...

FURNITURE & INTERIOR International Exhibition 2016 May 26 – 29, 2016 At Odessa Port, &quo...

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Company Introduction


SUNG IL has been manufacturing world class and superior GRP Bathtubs in different categories.

SUNG IL Co. Ltd. is a worldly renowned GRP Bathtub manufacturer from South Korea. We are specialized in manufacturing top quality grade bathtubs and are engaged in the quality production of GRP performance bathtub products.

Our GRP and Elnema Products:

SUNG IL has been one of the highly professional manufacturers of GRP Bathtubs; manufacturing top grade bathtubs to fulfill the earnest requirements of the consumers. We have a wide category of GRP and Elnema products that are being satisfactorily produced to fulfill customers’ demands. Here are some of the major products that we manufacture such as GRP Water Tank, GRP Grain Door, GRP Ceiling Panel, GRP Door, Prefabricated Bath, Elnema Antibacterial Toilet Partition, Elnema Bathtub, Toilet Cubicle, and Modular House etc.

Our Company and Professional Employees:

SUNG IL Co. Ltd. is located in Gimhae, South Korea and we have our wide and advanced manufacturing GRP and Elnema plants for manufacturing our entire GRP Bathtubs and other products. We have wide research center where our dedicated and professional employees work for ongoing development are and raise the quality production. Our entire staff is high professional in their skills and is performing their utmost services to lead the industry and manufacture quality GRP and Elnema products. SUNG IL has also played a prominent role as GRP door manufacturers. Our professional employees are designing quality and durable GRP doors for bathrooms and to provide to provide similarity in designs.

Unique and Leak Free Bathtubs:

SUNG IL Co. has been competent GRP bathtub manufacturer; designing and manufacturing high level of unique and leak free GRP bath tubs. In addition, with a corporate beliefs rooted in keeping our customers first, we have always cared to provide unique and ideal products and have always designed high quality products. We are contributing our fullest services to fulfill technological innovation and high level of quality improved GRP bathtubs to our customers.

ISO Quality Certified:

SUNG IL has been homered to be awarded with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification for manufacturing top class GRP Bathtubs by using our advanced quality technology in our production. We have been always strict in quality and so we do continue our quality maintaining products that are manufactured in future to provide trust on our customers. In order to accomplish such customer focused production, we have been persistently giving priorities of strictly to handle the quality and assurance management. We are also giving full attention to work in favor of environmental protection and manufacture our entire products as per the standards of ISO quality and environmental management techniques.